Thursday, 7 November 2013

Excuses, Excuses!

Wow.  I can't believe that was a year ago.  To be honest, there has hardly been a day that I haven't thought about this blog.  There have been numerous hurdles, the first being that I have been just plain chicken.  However, computer troubles are almost even with that.  I had a few months where my beloved laptop was being repaired (waiting for parts), and then once I got it back, it just plain broke.  *sigh*  I miss her.  My Hubby bought me a temporary netbook from kijiji (just so I would have something until we decided what I would purchase next), he had great success buying one last year when is laptop quit, so I was willing.  I.  HATE.  THIS.  NETBOOK.  It can't keep up with my typing, and definitely can't multitask, which sucks because I am a multitasker to a fault.  So, even when I have wanted to blog, I could not.  That being said, right now I am desperate.  So hopefully this attempt does not end in bloodshed. 

I recently had  my confidence fairly boosted when Annabelle Cosmetics had there 24 Days of Twistup.  Shortly prior to that there was a small opportunity to purchase all 24 of their shades for $24, and luckily I was one of the lucky ones.  So Starting October 1st they chose a shade each day, and for the 24 days they challenged everyone to swatch with them via social media.  I cannot begin to say how fun it was, even though a lot of days it was a struggle.  I decided that since Annabelle was so instrumental in helping me overcome a lot of my fears, their 24 shades of Twistup would be the first thing I review. 

So, brave readers (if there are any out there), my next post will be all about the lips!