Monday, 2 March 2015

Well, clearly I suck at keeping up with this, lol.  I think in an effort to let myself easily contribute to the blogosphere, I have decided I will be backing off a little from my rule to talk about mainly Canadian products.  I will try my best to keep my content heavily Canadian, but I need to wet my feet a little, so to speak.  Hopefully this will mean I actually start regularly contributing, but we will see!  I do have a few Canadian brands that I want to talk about.  Thanks to any of you who are reading this.  Please leave a comment if you can!


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Excuses, Excuses!

Wow.  I can't believe that was a year ago.  To be honest, there has hardly been a day that I haven't thought about this blog.  There have been numerous hurdles, the first being that I have been just plain chicken.  However, computer troubles are almost even with that.  I had a few months where my beloved laptop was being repaired (waiting for parts), and then once I got it back, it just plain broke.  *sigh*  I miss her.  My Hubby bought me a temporary netbook from kijiji (just so I would have something until we decided what I would purchase next), he had great success buying one last year when is laptop quit, so I was willing.  I.  HATE.  THIS.  NETBOOK.  It can't keep up with my typing, and definitely can't multitask, which sucks because I am a multitasker to a fault.  So, even when I have wanted to blog, I could not.  That being said, right now I am desperate.  So hopefully this attempt does not end in bloodshed. 

I recently had  my confidence fairly boosted when Annabelle Cosmetics had there 24 Days of Twistup.  Shortly prior to that there was a small opportunity to purchase all 24 of their shades for $24, and luckily I was one of the lucky ones.  So Starting October 1st they chose a shade each day, and for the 24 days they challenged everyone to swatch with them via social media.  I cannot begin to say how fun it was, even though a lot of days it was a struggle.  I decided that since Annabelle was so instrumental in helping me overcome a lot of my fears, their 24 shades of Twistup would be the first thing I review. 

So, brave readers (if there are any out there), my next post will be all about the lips!


Friday, 9 November 2012

Shyly I Emerge

Ok, here goes.  I have been procrastinating writing this first post, because the interweb can be a scary, scary place, full of trolls.  I have wanted to embark on this journey for a while but wasn’t sure where to start.  So, my husband came up with the idea of focusing on Canadian products, and things that you can only get in Canada.  Great!  Now, I can tell you that everything I write about may not fit that description, but I never order things that don’t have reasonable shipping rates, unless I can’t live without it.  There may also be a smattering of DIY's, because I love them!  Now onto the intro! 

My name is Shannon, I grew up in BC, but currently live in Nova Scotia.  Makeup is my passion.  Well, more like my addiction.  My first foray into makeup was when I was a toddler, and I decided to draw a masterpiece on my face with Mom’s red lipstick.  I have been hooked ever since.  

My sister and I would get into the Halloween makeup, whenever the urge hit us, anytime in the year.  We would dress up, and make ourselves into various (and very creative) characters.  Mom never discouraged us or got mad at the mess we made, or the fact that we were using up all of the makeup, and (sometimes) dipping into her makeup bag as well.  Instead, she patiently waited until we finished (and arranged our equally creative outfits), and proudly took pictures.

So however you stumbled upon this site, welcome!  And please bear with me, as I am new to this, and this site is under construction, as I am sure I will change the look and format on this page several times before settling.  So thank you for reading, and please come back soon!



PS: If you did stumble upon me, and you liked what you saw (or at least would like to encourage me), please leave a comment!

Thanks again,